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Instantly transfer money borderlessly to your loved ones just with mobile number. You can send or receive Indian Rupees, Bahraini Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Thai Baht, United Arab Emirates Dirham to your family, friends and business partners.




Borderless Transfer

Instantly transfer using receiver's mobile number to anyone with or without TrustPay account.



Blockchain and SWIFT work together to securely transfer & store user funds.


Low cost

Fees starting from 0% to 0.75% for payment, remittance, trade and investments.



Store & transfer national currencies as well as digital assets on blockchain.


Real Time

Instant transfers and conversions for both national currencies as well as digital assets.


Automated Scheduled Payments

Schedule automated payments for rental, installments, credit card bills.

  • 1

    Deposit, Withdraw and Store Indian Rupees, Bahraini Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Thai Baht, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Tether USD.

  • 2

    Real time cross border money transfer using mobile number allowing TrustPay user to send to any mobile number in the world.

  • 3

    Instant payments at merchant PoS using QR, NFC or bank wire. TrustPay user can pay with national currencies or digital assets whereas merchant receives national currencies only.

  • 4

    Purchase and store Gold, Bitcoin and also safely trade digital assets with currencies


Wallet system allows TrustPay users to deposit and withdraw money with their credit card, debit card and bank wire accounts. Additionally, TrustPay wallet allows digital assets deposit and withdrawal of Digital assets as digital assets as well as allows withdrawal of digital asset in the form of national currency into the linked bank account. This enables the basic users to liquidate their digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple to currencies like Indian Rupee, Bahraini Dinar, Thai Baht and more. into their bank account instantly.

Instant cross border money transfer using mobile number only. TrustPay uses blockchain technology to enable the instant transfer of remittances across the globe with mobile number. The receiver can be a non-registered TrustPay user as well. In case the receiver is not registered with TrustPay already, then he/she receives an SMS providing details of received remittance and registered then KYC verified, receiver can withdraw the funds to his/her bank account. Presently, TrustPay is able to transfer remittance from multiple national currencies and digital assets whereas the receiver can receive it national currencies.


TrustPay users can instantly pay at merchant PoS where merchant PoS can be based of QR code systems, Near Field Communicator systems and Bank wire transfer. The transfer can be made from user's Digital Assets balance or national currencies whereas the merchant receives national currencies only. Real-time the digitial asset balance is deducted as per the current conversion rate to be able to make payments at merchant PoS.

Real time purchasing and storing Gold, Bitcoin and also cautiously trade digital assets with national currencies on TrustPay. User can liquidate the Gold & Bitcoin then withdraw the funds to his/her bank account. The Gold is purchased with our partner platform Safe Gold for Indian users. Bitcoin can be instantly purchased on TrustPay or traded with national currencies under the trading module. Trading operates real-time with other users of TrustPay.


Download Anywhere

Soon available for android and iOS mobile platforms. Now manage your financials at your fingertips anywhere on the move.

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